18th Century Marriage Portrait of Matthew Lister and Grace Lady Boughton

showing Grace Lady Boughton standing beside a basket of flowers and wearing a sumptuous silk gown, hand-in-hand with her second husband Matthew Lister who is wearing an elaborate blue frock coat. Between them, in the distance is St James’s Church, Louth,  where they were married in 19th July 1723. St. James’s has the tallest spire of any medieval parish church in the country. It is a magnificent 15th century building that is featured in Sir Simon Jenkin’s book, England’s 1000 Best Churches. Presented in a contemporary fluted gilt-wood frame.

Height 44 cm (17.25 inches)
Width 74 cm (29 inches)
English. 1723

Grace Shuckburgh was born circa 1702 in Warwickshire, England, Daughter of Sir John Shuckburgh, 3rd Baronet and Lady Abigail Shuckbrugh. She married Sir Edward Boughton, 5th Baronet in 1718, who died at the age of 31 in February 1721, Grace Lady Boughton then married Matthew Lister, with whom she had her second child, Matthew Dymoke Lister. Grace was buried on 4 March 1779 at Burwell, Lincolnshire, England.

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