Carved Bed Corona in the style of Grinling Gibbons

finely carved in lime-wood and in the form of a basket of flowers, with peas in pods, surrounded by floral garlands and flanked by birds. Mounted on a modern, bespoke frame to for allow drapes to hang.

Height 43 cm (17 inches)
Width 92 cm (36 inches)
Depth 61 cm (24 inches)
English. 19th Century

Provenance: T.R.H. The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, Barnwell Manor, Northamptonshire.

Throughout Grinling Gibbons’ career he was plagued by clients not paying their bills, legend has it that he would carve a pea-pod into the design of each commission, if the pod was depicted open this symbolised the client being a good payer, if it were closed then they weren’t the best payers

Grinling Gibbons (4 April 1648 – 3 August 1721) was an Anglo-Dutch sculptor and wood carver known for his work in England, including Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral and other London churches, Petworth House and other country houses, Trinity College, Oxford, and Trinity College, Cambridge. Gibbons was born and educated in Holland of English parents, his father being a merchant. He was a member of the Drapers’ Company of London. He is widely regarded as the finest wood carver working in England, and the only one whose name is widely known among the general public. Most of his work is in lime (Tilia) wood, especially decorative Baroque garlands made up of still-life elements at about life size, made to frame mirrors and decorate the walls of churches and palaces, but he also produced furniture and small relief plaques with figurative scenes. He also worked in stone, mostly for churches. By the time he was established he led a large workshop, and the extent to which his personal hand appears in later work varies.

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