Extremely Rare Set of Seventeen Silver and Silver-Gilt Hors d’Oeuvres Dishes and Forks


in the form of scallopshells engraved with the Baden arms – ingeniously designed to be held by guests in one hand allowing them to serve themselves hors d’oeuvres to be eaten with the associated set of eighteen boxed forks with turned green-stained baluster handles, ideal for a fork supper

Width 12cm (4.75 inches)
Depth 11 cm (4.25 inches)
circa 1720

Almost certainly made for Sibylla-Augusta, Margravine of Baden (1675-1733), wife of Louis-William, Margrave of Baden, for use in her Summer Pavilion, Schloss Favorite, near Rastatt (here illustrated). The room illustrated is the central entertaining hall of the pavilion, and the room in which the shells were most likely to have been used.