Two French Faience Violins


one decorated with three musicians, a bowman and flowers, with mark for the Moustiers factory; the second with chinoiserie decoration in iron-red and black heightened with gilding

Height approx 56cm (22in)
Depth 5 cm (2 inches)
late 19th/20th century

(old repairs to the necks, one peg lacking on one, none present on second)

Perhaps inspired by Jules François Félix Husson (pen-name Champfleury)’s 1895 novel The Faience Violin, about two rival antique dealers’ quest to obtain an extremely rare faience violin.

It would be charming to display these hung on the wall from ribbon, like the violin in the famous trompe l’oeil painting done by Jan van der Vaardt (1653-1727) for Devonshire House in London, now at Chatsworth, and like Jayne Wrightsman famously had in her blue and white London bedroom

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