Cased Set of Grand Tour Plaster Intaglios

consisting of 126 casts of classical intaglios presented in seven stacking wooden trays and mounted against acid-green paper.

Height 24 cm (9.25 inches)
Width 15 cm (6 inches)
Depth 17 cm (6.75 inches)
Italian, Circa 1820

Almost certainly by Giovanni Liberotti of Rome. A set with the same distinct acid-green lining paper is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Giovanni Liberotti, a nineteenth-century Roman gem engraver who specialized in making these souvenirs. Liberotti had been initially commissioned to make these impressions based on gems in the collection of Giovanni Battista Sommariva (1760–1826), a noted art patron and collector extraordinaire. Later Liberotti and other competitors would market the boxed sets in Rome to eager tourists.