Pair of Large Verre Eglomisé Panels of Ottoman Figures by Alidad

reverse painted on glass in two shades of teal with gilt figures depicting Le Grabd Visir, en Habit et en Turban de ceremonie and Tchorbadgi  after Jean Baptiste Vanmour (1671–1737) from  ‘The Regional, Religious and National Costume of the Turkish Empire’  commissioned by Charles de Ferroi in 1714. Commissioned by Alidad. Presented in bespoke, painted and parcel-gilt frames

Height 87 cm (34.25 inches)
Width 73 cm (28.75 inches)
20th Century


Vanmour was a native of Valenciennes, a Flemish town that at the time of his birth belonged to the Spanish Netherlands, but since 1678 to France. He studied art in the studio of Jacques-Albert Gérin, and his work attracted the attention of an aristocrat and statesman of the time, Marquis Charles de Ferriol. Van Mour accompanied De Ferriol to Constantinople after the Marquis’ appointment as the French Ambassador in 1699. It was there that De Ferriol commissioned Vanmour to do one hundred oil paintings of the local people.

After De Ferriol returned to France in 1711, Van Mour worked for a variety of other diplomats in the Ottoman Empire. A series of one hundred engravings were created after Vanmour’s portraits, which was published by Le Hay in 1714, titled as Recueil de cent estampes représentant différentes nations du Levant. The book had a great influence in Western Europe and was published in at least five languages. The wide-distribution and popular reception of the Recueil de cent estampes led to an increased recognition of Vanmour as an artist.

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