Pair of Louis XV Paintings-on-Glass after Jean-Gaspard Heillmann


each showing a lady in an interior, one alone with her wool-winder, the other writing a letter whilst a saucy footman looks on

Height 47 cm (18.5 inches)
mid 18th century

The scene of the lady with her wool-winder was a popular image and much engraved entitled Domestick Amusement: The Lovely Spinner. The Archduchess Marie-Christine of Austria(1742-1798), Maria-Theresa’s daughter and Marie-Antoinette’s sister, wife of Albert of Saxony, Duke of Saxe-Teschen (after whom the Albertina Museum in Vienna is named as their collection formed its basis), seems to have plagiarised this image for her own enchanting 1765 self-portrait. The Archduchess’s image must have been taken from an engraving, as it is reversed from the original image as in the engravings, but the present picture must have been taken from the original painting, and may even have been painted in the artist’s studio.

Jean-Gaspard Heillmann (1718-1760) was born in Mulhouse, but spent most of his short working life in Paris

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