Rare 18th Century Soho Tapestry Panel mounted as a Pole-Screen and probably supplied by Wright & Elwick

showing an abundant urn of summer flowers on a table with a parrot poised to devour a bunch of grapes, almost certainly after a painting in the manner of Gerard oir Cornelis van Spaendonck, contained within a simple frame as a pole-screen with tripod base

A George III mahogany fire-screen, known as The Cusworth Hall Fire Screen, with comparable Soho tapestry, also attributed to Wright & Elwick (illustrated) is in the collection of renowned dealer Ronald Phillips.

Height 62 cm (24.5 inches)
Width 52 cm (20.5 inches)
Soho, London, mid 18th century

The firm of Wright & Elwick had premises in both London and Wakefield, Yorkshire, England, from which they supplied furniture, needlework and tapestries. A trade card with the reverse side used as an invoice and dated 1758, preserved in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, states that Richard Wright had been director of ‘The Greatest Tapestry Manufactory in England for Upwards of Twenty Years’.

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